We want you to enjoy and benefit from your stay with us. The following rules exist for the benefit of all users of the building and we would therefore ask for your co-operation and compliance.
  1. Staff may enter a room without warning. Where life isn’t deemed at risk, but where a reason for entering a room is held, staff will knock and announce themselves (either as ‘Reception’, ‘Management’ or ‘Maintenance’) three times. When they enter a room, they will announce your name along with the words “I am entering your room” as they open the door ajar.
  2. Abuse towards staff, in any form, will not be tolerated and could lead to NOTL.
  3. Any room that produces a repugnant odour in the corridor is subject to being entered by a member of The Bridge team to ascertain the reason. Reason include, but are not limited to; poor hygiene, poor housekeeping, smoking or drug use. Rooms that persistently produce a repugnant odour may receive a warning letter and will be cleaned at your own expense. Rooms will be inspected three-times per year. The dates of these will be advertised to all residents at least one-week in advance. Warning letters will be received for rooms that are deemed in poor condition beyond usual daily use. The decision of a room deemed in poor condition will be decided by The Bridge management.
  4. Alcohol may be kept and consumed in resident’s rooms aged 18 and older. Drugs and drug paraphernalia must not be brought into the building by residents or their guests for either storage or consumption.
  5. Smoking (including e-cigarettes) is not permitted in any part of the building- including standard, en suite or twin rooms or any communal areas.
  6. In communal areas residents must be suitably dressed, for example not in nightwear, and footwear must always be worn in public areas, including the Bridge Kitchen.
  7. You MUST sign yourself and guests in and out of the tablet at the reception. Up to two visitors (aged 16+) are allowed in your room at any one time. If we think your guest looks under 16, we reserve the right to request their ID. Guests are expected to be accompanied by you at all times when in the building. If your visitor wishes to go to another resident’s room, that person must come to the desk with yourself and the other resident will then sign the visitor in under their room number. All visitors must vacate the building by 10.30pm. You are responsible for the behaviour of your visitors at all times. For 18 years+ residents, overnight guests must be 18+ too, booked in 24 hours in advance with photo ID. They may stay for 3 nights per week (Monday to Sunday). They must pay for breakfast (as per the menu) and £5 for supper.
  8. In respect to other residents, noise levels should not exceed any more than 55 decibels after 10pm throughout the building. Due to health and safety reasons, the decibel levels should be kept lower than 65 decibels throughout the day.
  9. Do not throw anything out of windows or hang bags or other items from your window.
  10. Food may not be taken from The Bridge Kitchen for consumption elsewhere. Crockery and cutlery must not be removed from The Bridge Kitchen. Food may only be consumed on the patio at the discretion of the Catering Manager or the Kitchen Supervisor.
  11. Please leave bathrooms and shared shower rooms in a clean and tidy condition.
  12. Kitchenettes must keep clean and tidy. The fridge in the kitchenettes will be cleared out weekly. Label your goods if you wish to keep them during clean out. Wash up after yourselves or dirty crockery will be removed.
  13. To comply with Fire Regulations, it is strictly forbidden for residents to spend the night in rooms other than their own, or to burn candles or incense in the building. Residents must familiarise themselves with the fire instructions and position of the fire exits. If the fire alarm is activated and a continuous siren is heard, residents must evacuate the building immediately. Residents must co-operate with the staff when fire drills are held. Smoke detectors must not be covered. Any found covered will result in residents receiving a warning letter.
  14. Please hand lost property in at reception. If unclaimed after 4 weeks, items will be disposed. Residents are advised not to leave personal possessions in shared areas such as washrooms and kitchenettes.
  15. Bicycles must not be brought into the building. A covered bike store is available.
  16. We would kindly advise you that during your stay you neither lend nor borrow money or property from other residents. Please note that staff are not permitted to lend money to residents and therefore should not be asked.
  17. No form of gambling is permitted in the building.
  18. Films up to Certificate 15 rating only may be shown in the communal areas. Video games with violence or weapons must not be played in communal areas. The cinema rooms will be locked around midnight: staff will agree a time with residents who are watching a film to accommodate the film’s ending time. However, films still showing after 10.30pm may be requested to turn the volume down so as not to disturb other residents. Residents who invite guests to watch a film must ensure the guest still leaves by 10.30pm whether the film has finished or not. There is no exception to this rule. Residents who fail to adhere to this rule regarding guests and films in the cinema rooms (and/or rec room) will receive a warning for behaviour and possibly a bar on the guest as staff have the final say.
  19. There are no parking facilities (cars or motorcycles) for residents or their guests and we would therefore ask that no vehicles are parked either in staff parking spaces or in any of the loading bays. Limited parking is available for disabled badge holders by prior arrangement.

We reserve the right to amend the house rules from time to time.