We want you to enjoy and benefit from your stay with us. The following rules exist for the benefit of all users of the building and we would therefore ask for your co-operation and compliance.

  1. Alcohol, drugs and drug paraphernalia must not be brought into the building by residents or their guests for either storage or consumption.
  2. No Smoking (including e-cigarettes/vaping) is permitted in the building.
  3. In communal areas residents must be suitably dressed, for example not in nightwear (this includes onesies), and footwear must be worn in public areas at all times. Please remove hoods and caps when in the building.
  4. For fire and safety reasons, your key must be handed in to the Front Desk whenever leaving the building.
  5. In respect to other residents, noise levels should not exceed any more than 55 decibels after 10pm throughout the building. Due to health and safety reasons, the decibel levels should be kept lower than 65 decibels throughout the day.
  6. Material should only be displayed on the pin boards provided or attached with Blu-Tack to the woodwork (not painted walls) within a resident’s own room. Please do not display offensive or pornographic material or cover your Fire Notice.
  7. Do not throw anything out of windows, or hang bags or other items from your window.
  8. Food may not be taken from The Cafe for consumption elsewhere (except for fruit and pre- booked breakfast and late supper bags). Crockery and cutlery must not be removed from The Café.
  9. To comply with Fire Regulations, it is strictly forbidden for residents to spend the night in rooms other than their own, or to burn candles or incense in the building. Residents must familiarise themselves with the fire instructions and position of the fire exits. If the fire alarm is activated and a continuous siren is heard, residents must evacuate the building immediately. Residents must co-operate with the staff when fire drills are held. Certain rooms are designated as “fire wardens” and will be asked to assist staff during an evacuation. You will be given training for this.
  10. Please hand lost property in at the Front Desk. If unclaimed after 4 weeks, items will be disposed of. Residents are advised not to leave personal possessions in shared areas such as wash rooms and kitchenettes.
  11. Bicycles must not be brought into the building. Those left outside are at owners’ risk. Cycles secured (using your own lock) to the rail in the Hostel car park area must be registered at the Front Desk.
  12. We would kindly advise you that during your stay you neither lend nor borrow money or property from other residents. Please note that staff are not permitted to lend money to residents and therefore should not be asked.
  13. No form of gambling is permitted in the building.
  14. Films up to Certificate 15 rating only may be shown in the communal areas. Video games with violence or weapons must not be played in communal areas.
  15. There are no parking facilities (cars or motorcycles) for residents or their guests and we would therefore ask that no vehicles are parked either in staff parking spaces or in any of the loading bays. Limited parking is available for disabled badge holders by prior arrangement.
  16. Up to two visitors (aged 16 or over) are allowed in your room at any one time. You must come to the Front Desk to sign in visitors, and again to sign them out when they leave. Guests are expected to be accompanied by you at all times when in the building. If your visitor wishes to go to another resident’s room, that person must come to the desk with yourself and the other resident will then sign the visitor in under their room number. All visitors must vacate the building by 10.30pm. You are responsible for the behaviour of your visitors at all times. Visitors who break the house rules will be asked to leave, and may be served a bar banning them from the building. Visitors are not allowed in The Café when it is closed to the public, rooms designated for use by residents only or rooms forming part of the ACM campus (unless an ACM student). No more than 5 people are allowed in a bedroom at any time (residents or guests).